Baxter-Rutherford ICF, Inc. is the Premier Manufacturers’ Agent in the Pacific Northwest, Representing Select Industrial, Construction & Fastener Manufacturers.

Baxter-Rutherford works hard to promote our products through close distributor partnerships, targeted end user calls and contractor trainings. We have the best team and strong relationships to increase your sales in the highly competitive NW market.

Our company has a combined tenure of over 300 years. Our focusing principles are easy to grasp: do the right thing, work hard, and figure it out. Rooted in these principles we have cultivated an unusual consistency, a deep knowledge bank and a solid reputation.

Baxter-Rutherford owns over 70,000 square feet of warehousing facilities in both of the NW’s largest markets. We inventory products through buy/sell agreements or on a consignment basis. These dense regions along I-5 contain a GDP roughly the size of Switzerland; competition is fierce, margins are tight and having it here, NOW matters.

We cover over 830,000 square miles in the three primary states of Washington, Oregon & Alaska. Collaboration with our sister company, Baxter-Rutherford PVF, Inc., provides us with a broader picture of the regional economy. We manage our territory with consistency, and we are able to quickly focus on emerging opportunities both within and outside of the congested I-5 corridor.

We understand the value of technology and selectively invest in products like the Profit 21 ERP system to control our inventory and manage core business transactions. Additionally, we utilize a third-party platform that allows us greater freedom to customize reports and focus our analysis. Automated sales summaries are pushed through email. Our outside sales team always has access to nearly real time account data.

Yet sometimes technology just doesn’t fit our business model. We upgraded our phone system in 2019 but you wouldn’t know it. You see, when you call Baxter-Rutherford, we answer.

It’s who we are.